An Evening with Anthony Doerr


This is a captivating presentation given by Anthony Doerr, author of All the Light We Cannot See, to the John Adams Institute, Amsterdam.  A jewel of a speech in and of itself, the question and answer period with the audience contains profound depth and insight.

Sadly, the slides do not include those from Mr. Doerr’s presentation. Nevertheless, this is a definite must-listen!

A Masterpiece. Tremendous. Wow. Overwhelming.

“Just a few characterizations by readers of Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See. And the literary critics were also unanimous: Anthony Doerr has an immense talent for storytelling.
The story follows a blind precocious French girl and a scientifically minded German boy whose paths intertwine during the German occupation of France. At its core this is the story of two young, innocent children who are forced into the ugliness of war, both of them victims in some way, neither of them innocent for long. Told from their alternating points of view, building the foundation of the story brick by brick and adding layer upon layer, the writing is captivating and stays with you long after closing the book.  A “hauntingly beautiful new book,” according to New York Times’ Janet Maslin.

Join us for an evening with one of America’s best storytellers.”


Discover more about “All the Light We Cannot See” in our Book Guide.

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