Novel Gobblers  is a small club, with an eclectic mix

that at present is comprised of teachers, scientists, and municipal/county employees who have personal interests that range from cooking to yoga to wine to outdoor pursuits.

We strive to welcome new members of diverse backgrounds, neighborhoods, churches, employers, and age groups to keep our book discussions lively and interesting. We enjoy discussing books of all genres, include those books that as individuals we might not choose to read on our own.

The monthly meetings are held in alternating members’ homes or occasionally in a restaurant. The hostess sometimes tries to provide food that is relevant to the book that we read (there was an amazing Cambodian meal when discussing “The Rent Collector” and southern picnic fare for “The Secret Life of Bees”) but other times we just have take n’ bake pizza. The meetings are a mixture of socializing, club business, and book discussion. The host chooses the format for the discussion, which has included a prepared list of questions about the book, games, quizzes, or a more casual informal discussion—all of which have worked very well.

The club is still fairly new and its members and format are slowly evolving, but we are enjoying meeting new friends and expanding our minds through our reading and discussions.


What’s with the ℵ (aleph) symbol?

In the Sefer Yetzirah, the letter aleph is king over breath, formed air in the universe, temperate in the year, and the chest in the soul. Aleph is also the first letter of the Hebrew word emet (אֶמֶת), which means truth. It also looks like an N, as in Novel Gobblers. A fitting symbol for our book club, don’t you think?


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