Choosing Books

All members are encouraged to suggest books and selections are agreed upon by consensus. Something that has worked very for our group is to keep a running 3 month schedule of book selections. At each of our meetings, whomever volunteers to host for the 4th month will present a list of 3 book summaries  at the next meeting. Members quickly vote and/or discuss and select one book as the group choice.

A reasonable reading goal for most people is 100 pages per week. While this generally ensures that the book can be finished in time for the next meeting, on occasion our group will adjust the schedule to accommodate a longer book or reading at a less aggressive pace less than 100 pages a week.

Reading Books

Please keep in mind that the main point of our meetings is to have an intellectual discussion of the book.   If you sometimes can’t finish a book in the allotted time, that’s ok—come anyway. However, if you are consistently not reading, is a book club right for you?


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