Members, please remember:
    • If you are unable to attend, please RSVP to the host, giving as much notice as possible.  If many are unable to attend, the host may choose to reschedule.
    • Be open-minded and a “good sport” about whatever discussion format is chosen.
    • Be gracious! Don’t interrupt others or dominate the discussion.
    • While it is interesting and appropriate to relate stories from your life as part of the discussion, please try to keep these stories relevant to some issue from the book.
    • We are interested in everyone’s views about the book. There is no one way to experience or interpret a book. In fact, differing opinions are good.
    • Guests are allowed if the guest-bringer has the permission of the host. The guest-bringer has the responsibility of telling the guest that they are not, in fact, a member.



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