Hosting a Meeting

Hosting is not required by members, but all are welcome to host.  We can meet in our homes, a park, or other appropriate space.   A few times a year a no-host meeting may be held at an agreed upon location.  If several members are unable to attend, the host may choose to reschedule the meeting.


The host will provide the beverages and/or snacks. She is also responsible for sending out a meeting reminder that includes a note about whether a meal or lighter fare will be served, i.e. how hungry we should be when we arrive.

Meeting Format

Please allow approximately 2 hours per meeting with a format that provides adequate time for socializing, club business, and book discussion, such as the following loosely recommended format:

    • ~30 min. — social time (eat, drink, be merry)
    • ~15 min. — administrative matters
    • ~60-90 min. — book discussion
Discussion Format

The host may choose any format for the book discussion.  She may choose to lead it herself or appoint another leader, but she should definitely have a plan.  It is the leader’s responsibility to ensure that the discussion moves along and stays relevant to the book, even if the format is informal and free form.  Feel free to choose to use or not use any of the following suggestions:

    • Start the meeting by allowing each member to give a brief personal statement about the book – like or dislike it and why. Then pose specific questions.
    • Take turns going around the room for the entire meeting.
    • Hand out index cards. Ask everyone to write a question or observation; then select one or more to discuss, or have members select their own.
    • Ask, “Who would play the characters if it were a movie?”
    • Play a game that facilitates the discussion.
    • Get ideas from other book club websites
    • Invent your own format!

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