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Hello! I’m Carol. In short, I am a mom and recent empty nester, gardener, reader, lover of dogs and most things outdoors, GISer, and aspiring violinist, baker, blogger and pyrographer. One of my favorite activities is reading a book while sipping coffee at home, in bookshops, under a blue sky, or any other cozy place.

CatherineI’m Catherine. My favorite books are often historical fiction, but I am an avid reader of all genres, fiction and nonfiction. I teach college classes in biology, and I never tire of learning new things. I enjoy building and working with power tools (chainsaw, router, drills, etc.). I also appreciate the arts, and like to attend plays, symphony performances, ballets, etc. One of my favorite family traditions is building an elaborate gingerbread house every Christmas. In my free time, I love gardening, riding my horses, skiing, and backpacking—anything that gets me outside in the mountains with my husband and with my two children when they are home from college.



anonProfileI’m Donna and, at present, the newest member of the Book Club. I’m looking forward to being introduced to new books and reading more. My other interests include cooking, beading jewelry and quilting. I am involved in the Rigby Quilt Guild and Idaho Falls Tea Guild. I’ve recently moved to Idaho Falls from Rigby and am looking forward in participating in more community activities in the city.






Ari Lawson

A little about me. I am from Idaho Falls originally. I graduated from Idaho Falls High School in 2009 and then The College of Idaho in 2014. My BA is in International Political Economy. After graduating I moved to the DC area to work as a live-in nanny and figure out my next steps. After a year and a half there I came back to IF to work as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer for Junior Achievement of Idaho.

On a personal level I am the middle of 5 children. My passion is working with adults and children with developmental disabilities. My older sister has Down Syndrome and since moving home I work with her part-time. I have always been an avid reader, I’m rarely found anywhere without a book in my appropriately sized bag (all purse or backpack decisions revolve around the amount of books that can comfortably fit). My other hobbies include crocheting (a very recent endeavor), Netflix, reading Peace Corps blogs, and most recently running.

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