The Pecan Man – Guide

 About the Author

Cassie Dandridge Selleck
Cassie Dandridge Selleck

Cassie and her husband Perry make their home on the Suwannee River in North Florida. Cassie has a unique success story about self-publishing her first novel while maintaining her work and family commitments. …”I wrote The Pecan Man over the course of ten years while working full time and raising the youngest of three daughters. I worked with an excellent critique group, Gainesville Poets and Writers, and had really done the work to get the novel into shape, but without much time to pursue agents or publishers, I sat on it for several years. In late 2011, I came across an article…” [Read More]

The Pecan Man

The Pecan Man is a work of Southern fiction whose first chapter was the First Place winner of the 2006 CNW/FFWA Florida State Writing Competition in the Unpublished Novel category. In the summer of 1976, recently widowed and childless, Ora Lee Beckworth hires a homeless old black man to mow her lawn. The neighborhood children call him the Pee-can Man; their mothers call them inside whenever he appears. When the police chief’s son is found stabbed to death near his camp, the man Ora knows as Eddie is arrested and charged with murder. Twenty-five years later, Ora sets out to tell the truth about the Pecan Man. In narrating her story, Ora discovers more truth about herself than she could ever have imagined. [Read More] 


Cast of Characters:  Who am I?

Blanche  Lowery:

Eldrid (Eddie) Mims:

Marcus Lowery:

Walter Beckworth:

The Pecan Man:

Ora Lee  Beckworth:

Grace, Patrice, and ReNetta, Danita Lowery:

Tressa Hightower:

Dovey Kincaid:

Chip and Clara Jean Smallwood:

Skipper Kornegay:

Ralph Kornegay:

Harley T. (Poopsie) Odell:

Jeffrey Thatcher:

Clara Jean Munderson:

Binky Smallwood:

Donnie Allred:

James Robert Hardy:

Allen Madison:


Discussion Questions


SPOILER ALERT if you have not read the novel yet.

  • What is the significance of “the lie that never ends” for the story?
  • What is the main reason Ora Lee  doesn’t tell Grace the truth after her mother dies?
  • Why is Ora Lee not able to remember her life with Walter?
  • Was Ora Lee really kind to Eddie? Does it matter?
  • Does Eddie really think he’ll have to get justice because he’s innocent? Why does he later change his mind?
  • Does the friendship between Patrice and Dovey Kincaid’s daughter signify that all is now well between the races in the South?
  • Why does Ora Lee believe “we were partially to blame” for losing Grace?
  • Why does Ora Lee decide not to bury her lie with Eddie, “no matter what the cost”?
  • According to the story, what good does it do to learn right from wrong if we fail to insist on doing the right thing?
  • Why did Ora Lee let the Pecan Man take the blame for the murder of the rapist when she knew the real killer was Blanche’s son, Marcus?




3 thoughts on “The Pecan Man – Guide

  1. Thank you so much for this post. 2016 was both a tough AND exciting year for me, so I am just now seeing this. I have been overwhelmed by the generous spirit of readers who share my little book with their friends. I feel blessed and grateful. Many thanks…


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